Monday, May 25, 2009

Purple & Green Bathroom


I knew I wanted to do purple & green in the bathroom. When I went to pick out paint I found a lovely purple, just the color I had pictured in my mind. Except it could only be mixed using a designer-label base at around $27 a gallon. Being just a rental place and all, I said no way to that and picked out another purple from the any-base'll-do display.
The purple looked right in the store but turned out to be a chameleon color on the wall. By itself with the green, it looks suitably purple just not purple enough. If you put something blue next to it it looks purple, but if you put something truly purple next to it, it looks blue. This makes it absolutely impossible to find the right color accessories as NOTHING matches this blue-purple shade. So I have to be content with only apple-green towels.

The window looks out onto a deck we share with the tenants in the other side of this double, and then the backyard. Being a small room, I didn't want to lose the little bit of natural light the window provides, but needed privacy. After a little searching I found a roll of translucent stained-glass effect window cling stuff. It was a real PITA to apply, but provides the needed privacy without losing any light, plus adds a nice touch of color. :)


MoeArt said...

The green towels are great. There is a special planet for people who install pink bathroom fixtures. It is not a nice place. :(

Michele said...

The colors look great. Love the lizards on the wall. :)

AlmondJoy said...

>> Love the lizards on the wall. :)

They were a great gift. :) Thank you.