Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tie-Dye 101

Philadelphia Flyer fans here. Several friends who are die-hard Pittsburgh Penguin fans. Free "Pittsburgh Sucks" T-shirts. 100% cotton, too, all the better for dying. And for irritating all the Penguin, Pirates, and Steelers fans among us. (Did I mention we're in PA?) Could there be a better reason to finally try tie dying?

four shirts
I did a long sleeved tee for myself and a baby tee for my expectant niece while I was at it.

two shirts
This is the first time I have ever tie-dyed. I read some tutes and watched some how-to videos, but none explained what I really wanted to know. But I guess the great thing about tie-dye is, who's going to know if it's wrong? Right?
Overall, the results are better than I was expecting but next time around I'll use more dye as these didn't get the coverage I wanted.

(click pictures for larger images)

Call Ed

call Ed
Right there between the free Bowflex and the like-new sofabed. Call Ed. Not even "Dr. Ed". Just "Ed".