Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Vintage Fan Make-Over

This old non-working Dominion fan was destined for the scrap heap but look at it now. How cool is that?! The Other-Half tinkered with the motor and was able to get it running, and run it does! Sounds like a jet engine on start up but then quiets down to a smooth purr. Just as it did 60 years ago. This heavy-duty little thing (it stands about 12" high) really moves some air, too. Dare I sound like an old fart and say "they just don't make things like they used to"?

After he got it running it was disassembled again and I went at it with a wire brush, some scuff pads, and some rust-removing gel. Cleaned it up inside and out, sprayed it all with a primer, sanded it smooth, and there ya' go - ready for a nice top coat.
We weren't 100% in agreement on what colors we wanted but settled on bright orange. I think the orange helps retain a bit of the "retro feel", plus, orange and black happen to be the colors of the Philadelphia Flyers, our favorite NHL team. (Big boo on the NHL for canceling hockey this year.) So now we're Flyers fans with a Flyer fan. Something like that, LOL.

Here's a page from a 1953 catalog that has our fan listed for $12.95. That's how I know to call it "vintage" rather than "antique". Apparently antique is pre-1950 and vintage is post-1950. Anyhows, we just need to touch up the six screw heads that show with black paint, and maybe uncover the Dominion logo on the base that we protected with tape and viola, what was junk before is now an adorable and functional retro appliance. :)