Tuesday, May 23, 2017


So wow, three years since I have written on my blog. I think it's time to resurrect it. And keeping with the theme of old things being new again, I'll start off with an old rocking chair I gave new life to :)

This chair was originally a curbside find by my MIL, who saw it out for trash many years ago and dragged it home because it still looked like a decent piece then. I sort of inherited it when we moved into our current domicile, where it's lived outdoors on the patio, getting more weathered with each passing season. I personally find it a bit uncomfortable to sit in - those slats are hard on the back - but its my Other-Half's favorite chair so past its prime or not, getting rid of it was not an option.

Last summer I happened to stop in a Pier1 that unknown to me was going out of business so had some really great mark-downs going on, including outdoor cushions marked down from $40 to $9.99. When I saw this one I knew what I had to do:

I had to buy that cushion and paint up the old rocking chair to match!

So off to the hardware store I went to pick out matching spray paint colors. For the blue and orange I bought Rust-Oleum's "Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer" which I had used before with great results. No drips, no runs, excellent coverage. For the green, Rust-Oleum didn't have anything close enough to what I needed so I got that in Krylon's "Dual Paint + Primer". Then I set to it, doing the blue first. When that dried I wrapped all the parts of the chair I didn't want to get more paint on in Saran-Wrap, secured the wrap with painters tape, and sprayed on the orange. Looking pretty good so far!

Then I did the green (after covering all the blue and orange parts with Saran-Wrap) and oh bummer. Krylon's spray was disappointing. Must be a thinner product than Rust-Oleums's because it ran and dripped, and the nozzle produced a wider "arc" of spray than desirable so things got messy fast. But after numerous touch-ups and a second round of wrapping & spraying to get a second coat of each color on, I'm pretty pleased with the results. (Though I will stick with Rust-Oleum from now on.)

(Don't look TOO close or you'll see the errant spot of orange I still need to touch-up.)

It looks great sitting on the patio now and people always ask how I found a cushion that matches it so perfectly. ;)