Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Classic in Tie-Dye

Take the classic white long-sleeved button-down shirt, a staple of every wardrobe for its versatility, and tie-dye it, and what do you get?
You get a fabulously fun addition to your wardrobe!

Wear it buttoned up and tucked in to create a fun fashion paradox of staid but exciting, or go all-out casual by wearing it open over a tank.

The sleeves have a hidden loop that allow you to roll them up and fasten at 3/4 length so you can go long or short depending on mood.

The side panels (from under-arm to bottom hem of shirt) are made up of a stretchy ribbed cotton, so this shirt moves with you.

This shirt is 100% cotton and has been machine washed & dried twice (pre and post dye) on high heat. It is labeled as a women's size XL (16-18), however, having tried it on I believe it is more inline with being an L. This shirt can be machine washed and dried and should not bleed but to be safe, you may want to wash with dark colors for the first few washes.

$35, free shipping. (black tank top pictured not included.)