Sunday, January 29, 2012


A year or so ago I received a pretty set of polymer clay tiles from my AuntM. I dressed them up a bit by adding a layer of gold clay to the backs, painting the edges with metallic blue acrylic paint, and sealing the top and edges with Sculpey glaze. Now what to do with them? After stumbling onto some turquoise cube beads, I knew. But while I could see the finished bracelet in my head, I no idea on how to put it together. So the tiles and beads made their way back to AuntM and a bit later they show back up in my mailbox as a finished bracelet - exactly the one I had envisioned. Go figure!
tiles 1tiles 2
A month or two ago I decided I needed to start using up some of the supplies I had on hand to make some actual finished pieces. Plus I was in the mood to work on my wiring skills, a mood that lasted a few weeks and produced several bracelets, necklaces, and even a pair of earrings. This is one of the bracelets.
triple 1triple 2
A few days ago I happened to be wearing the tile bracelet while looking through my "things I've made but haven't decided what to do with yet" box and HUH! Look at that!
set 1set 2
Don't they look fabulous worn together? I love it! A one-of-a-kind "set" that was totally unplanned.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dust Bunnies: Update

The trio were adopted as a group and went to live in the office of an animal emergency clinic. What a great home for them! They shouldn't want for prey there.

But look at that crazy googly-eyed one in the middle, he's pulled his own whiskers out!

Adrianne, you must make sure that poor guy is getting his share of hairballs or you'll have to take him to therapy.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Vampire Dust Bunnies

VDB 1After trying a snake, a penguin and a dragon (what was I thinking?) I realized - I can't sculpt. But I came across a tutorial (PolymerCafe, Oct. 2008) for making Vampire Dust Bunnies. I loved the idea and since there were step-by-step picture directions I gave it a go. This guy to the left was my first attempt. Cute huh? The tips of his ears got singed while baking but I think that just added to his character.

A week or three later I made the trio below. This time I stuck lots of "fuzzies" in the clay to make them really messy looking, and added a touch of red acrylic paint to the fangs for blood. ;)
VDB trio front
VDBs trio back
I used "buck tail" (found at most fishing supply stores) for the tufts of hair on their heads and fishing line for their whiskers. I was afraid the fishing line would melt if I stuck it in the clay before baking so I glued it on afterwards, which for me was the hardest part of making them. Oh, and I used PearlX inside the ears to make them a bit iridescent.

They all traveled to Illinois where one lost his head in transit and another was almost sent to the burn-barrel with the packaging but they all recovered and are reported to be doing a fine job in keeping the Dust Bunny population under control in their new homes.