Friday, February 24, 2012

Tie-Dye: Round 4

I used a "Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit - Neon" for this batch. Fuchsia, Orange, Yellow, Lime, and Turquoise. The Neon kit is either brand new or so old it's been discontinued as I can't find another like it now. :( Pity as I really like this combo of dye colors. But isn't that the way it always goes? You find a product you love and then poof - they decide to stop making it. 1 - Spiral
2 - Bullseye3 - Spiral
4 - Bullseye5 - Spiral
I've used the 5-color Tulip kits for all my tie-dye projects and what I've found is .. THEY LIE! The boxes clearly state "Dyes up to 20 projects!" Uh-Huh...Maybe if their idea of a project is twenty newborn socks or a few adult shirts with only a hint of dye each. It took almost an entire kit to do these five adult shirts (two XL and three LG).
The other thing I've come to accept is that with tie-dye, you can never be sure of the result until you un-tie and rinse it. Each unfolding is a surprise so you just cross your fingers and hope it'll be something you like. And I think I hit five of five with these. :)