Monday, January 23, 2012

Vampire Dust Bunnies

VDB 1After trying a snake, a penguin and a dragon (what was I thinking?) I realized - I can't sculpt. But I came across a tutorial (PolymerCafe, Oct. 2008) for making Vampire Dust Bunnies. I loved the idea and since there were step-by-step picture directions I gave it a go. This guy to the left was my first attempt. Cute huh? The tips of his ears got singed while baking but I think that just added to his character.

A week or three later I made the trio below. This time I stuck lots of "fuzzies" in the clay to make them really messy looking, and added a touch of red acrylic paint to the fangs for blood. ;)
VDB trio front
VDBs trio back
I used "buck tail" (found at most fishing supply stores) for the tufts of hair on their heads and fishing line for their whiskers. I was afraid the fishing line would melt if I stuck it in the clay before baking so I glued it on afterwards, which for me was the hardest part of making them. Oh, and I used PearlX inside the ears to make them a bit iridescent.

They all traveled to Illinois where one lost his head in transit and another was almost sent to the burn-barrel with the packaging but they all recovered and are reported to be doing a fine job in keeping the Dust Bunny population under control in their new homes.


Mom said...

Hey, that grey one with orange hair is MY vampire dust bunny! I didn't realize I had the original. I still think you could sell these by the carload because they're so cute.

AlmondJoy said...

:) Thanks, Mom!
I'll have to ask around, see what people think about the ethics involved in selling something that came from a magazine idea? I figure, if someone didn't want others using their idea they wouldn't have submitted it to a magazine?

ChasinRainbows2 said...

I personally think they are cute as can be and feel that as long as it isn't identical to the one you learned from then it's okay to sell them. Usually (but not always) if somebody is willing to "sell" the directions, they don't really care what people do with the products THEY produce. You personalized yours with the "buck tail?" etc. and thereby made them your own. Of course you can't sell "her" directions or tutorial, but what you make is yours to do with what you will. That's just my opinion, though. You could always contact the author and ask her if she cares if you sell what you created after using her article for inspiration. Whenever I've done that they have told me to "knock myself out" and have fun. If it's a "purchased book or tutorial", they have asked me to credit them with the inspiration so they can sell more videos, tutorials, or books, but they don't care what I do with what I personally make as long as it isn't an exact duplicate. Smiles and hugs.

AlmondJoy said...

Thanks, Sue. I agree with your thoughts on this. Since she wasn't selling the tute - it was published in a magazine for anyone to view - I think it would be OK And with my sculpting abilities I couldn't copy someone's work exactly even if I wanted to, LOL.