Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Ice Fishing Theme Song

Huh? What is a fishing video doing on what appears to be a crafting show & tell blog? Well, it's here 'cause I made it; a rainy-day project that didn't include paint or tape.
Part of the "And Other Things" bit.
My first venture into making a video. Took a bit of head-banging, but was generally fun to do, and I'm happy to report over 2,000 views on YouTube so far. :)
If you click the big arrow button, it'll play inside the purple box. So be sure to click the little square-in-a-square icon on the bottom right instead, that'll make it play full screen.


MoeArt said...

ok, who are all these people? :D

AlmondJoy said...

00:22 - Ric & Jeff & assorted family on Indian Lake
00:25 - Ric & his brother Jeff on Indian Lake
00:38- Ric
00:52 - Jeff (he's the only one with no fish in the video, haha)
1:01 - Ric
1:34-1:38 (warm spring weather) - Ric
2:04 - Ric
2:14 - Me (bundled up in the chair)
2:31 - Jeff
2:38 - Ric
3:04 - Me
3:20 - Me
And of course, the closing shot by the Thin Ice sign, that's Ric.

Everyone else - friends & fishing buddies

Michele said...

Very catchy tune and I got a kick out of spotting Ric and you in the pictures.