Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cohiba Door

Some 10 years back I managed a cigar store. One of those boring jobs where the day drags on and on and on ...
One day, for lack of anything better to do, I decided to paint the door to the bathroom. Being a cigar store I of course thought "cigar band". Since Cohiba has a design that I could actually do, Cohiba it was. This was before I had any kind of internet access, and Cohibas being illegal to import, I didn't have any to look at, I was going off of a small picture in a magazine.
All those circles on a vertical surface - I couldn't manage it with a brush. And of course my trusty tape isn't any good for making circles. So I did all those circles with a white-out pen. Really.
And as it turns out, if you look closely at a Cohiba band, all those white spots on them, they're not even circles, they're squares! :(
Cohiba Door


MoeArt said...

what a scream! Did the owner like it? :)

AlmondJoy said...

Yes, he liked it. But when the store closed and the property owner turned it into a deli, I'm sure he was cursing me as he tried to paint over it.