Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kitchen Hall: Before & After

Our apartment has a long narrow hall connecting the living room to the kitchen end of the apartment. The hall is actually two sections separated by a doorway with no actual door in it. The front end of the hall is the longer section, with a door on the right to the bedroom. After the bedroom, you pass through the doorless doorway, pass the basement door on the right, and hang a right into the kitchen.
With no windows and no light fixtures, no matter what time of day or night, both sections of the hall are always gloomy. So when I started my kitchen make-over, I wanted to make the kitchen end of the hall as bright as possible. The yellow and green did the trick, you think? :)

I haven't decided yet how I want to do the basement door so its still a "before" door.


AlmondJoy said...

Note how well coordinated the dog is with the floor.

Michele said...


MoeArt said...

You did a great job with the dog. :) I LOVE the colors!

AlmondJoy said...

Thanks! I love the new crisp white high-gloss trim. I had no idea how _not_ white the trim was before until I started painting over it. You can see in the "after" pic a little piece of the newly painted trim next to the basement door which is the old white. Big difference.