Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birdfeeder Birds

or, "Why Mechanics Should Stick To Cars"
A friend of ours is a mechanic. He got the bright idea one night, with the help of some homemade raspberry wine, to build a bird feeder out of scrap wood he was burning. He thought it was such a fine idea, he made two, exactly alike, and gave me one. Both are monstrosities standing a good three feet tall and weighing in at least 30 pounds.
Much too big to actually use it as a bird feeder, but I thought, if I paint it, perhaps I can use it for something else. So it being a bird feeder, I of course thought "birds, it needs birds on it." But I don't paint things. I paint ON things. I couldn't draw a cat, for example, to save my life which is why I shy away from that kind of decorative painting and stick to shapes and patterns. But I wanted birds.
So I found some bird graphics on the internet, printed them, carefully cut them out, and then used the cut-outs to trace the bird shapes onto the bird feeder. Then I painted the shapes white.
blank cardinalblank Oriole
Then, using the original graphics as a guide, I winged it (pun intended) filling in the shapes free hand. Being my first attempt at this sort of thing, I was pretty proud of my results even though I did forget to give some of them feet. (But I didn't paint perches for them either, so I guess they really didn't need feet.)

This mechanic-made monstrosity now lives in the basement. I think it may come in handy if we ever move next door to Big Bird.

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