Friday, May 8, 2009

Decoupage Switch Plates

I'd never tried decoupage before, but thought, it's got to be an extremely easy way to deal with ugly $0.29 cent plastic covers. The first one I tried doing, I used regular copier paper. Cut it into strips and glued away. Not the best paper choice. I tried again with wrapping paper. Better, but still not-so-great.
wrapping and copy paperThen I decided on tissue paper. AHA! A little tough to work with as it's so delicate, but you can see through it! Meaning a striped tissue paper, applied in two layers going opposite directions, gets you plaid. Cool! Stripes over squares as in the middle plate shown here, not so cool. tissue paper

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Hah! You did good. I guess I better post my clay switch plates now, hunh? These are bright and cheerful and happy!