Saturday, May 9, 2009

Painted Lady Chair

I painted this in 2000, maybe 2001, and thanks to countless coats of spray-on clear protective enamel, it's held up pretty well, just some wear on the seat.
The thingy-bobs I added as a decorative touch on top are another story. They were constantly getting knocked off and having to be glued back on. I tried SuperGlue and Krazyglue and wood glue, and even bought a hot-glue gun to try but no dice, they just didn't want to stay on. Eventually, Ric used tiny little metal pins as dowels, and more glue, to attach the white blocks to the chair for me. That has kept them firmly in place, but the purple balls still get knocked off, and the dragonflys, I gave up altogether on trying to keep them attached.,

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