Friday, May 22, 2009

Firefox Personas

Anyone using the Firefox browser, check out Firefox Personas.
It's a fun & easy way to give the browser a super quick make over. Change your look with the click of a button, hundreds of designs to choose from or make your own. I'm currently sporting one named "dots_stripes_and_colors".
I made this one. It's currently being used by 16 people, so the site says. :)

TYeDye 01


MoeArt said...

What is this? I LOVE it! I wants it! What do you do with it? Hee. Now you'll have to tell me in non-computerese. :D

AlmondJoy said...

OK, I made some quick directions up.
Directions Since you're using a Mac, installing it may be slightly different (I don't think it is, but don't know for sure). But Adrianne has also crossed to the dark side, so she can explain the Mac way if it's not the same.

Michele said...

I wish I could use one in IE. I love the one called Retro Paint.