Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Cat Who is NOT Staying

This is Sam. Or Mittens. Or Q-Tip. Or Little Brat. Depends on who's calling her and what she's doing. (What she's doing is NOT staying.)

Sam likes to cuddle (when she's not attacking toes) and take power-naps with her humans.
Sam 2
Sam 3
She's working the cuteness factor for all it's worth but she's not staying. Really. I mean it.

no keep

Sigh. I KNOW better than to pick up a feral kitten. Or to let anyone in the household pick one up. 26 days later and still saying .. she's NOT staying ....


Mom said...

Aw! So cute! You can't possibly turn out that baby to cope with vicious beavers.

MoeArt said...

Not staying::::dies laughing:::: you had this little ball of fur for 26 days and she's not staying? WHY do I know that's simply not so? She isn't feral when she's so cute, yanno. Law of nature. :)

Adrianne Dailey said...

So how is 'not staying Sam' today?


AlmondJoy said...

ROFL re viscious beavers! :)
Sam went to a good home though, so see? We got a month of kitty-cuteness and someone else gets the 15 year obligation. ;)