Sunday, May 29, 2011

Adjustable Length Cord

My friend JoAnne taught me how to do this and I think it is just ingenious in its simplicity. If making a pendant on a cord, you don't have to worry about how long to make it with this "trick". How great is that? One size really will fit all. :)
001I chose to tie a little bead on the ends of my cord, but that is totally optional, you can leave the ends bare if you like. If you leave the ends bare, that makes it easier to un-tie it, slip on a different pendant, and re-tie. If you tie a bead on, that makes it easier to grasp the tail ends while you're wearing it and can't see what you're doing. ;)
002Take the left end of the cord and tie a simple slip-knot around the right side of the cord.
003Pull the knot tight, using your thumb to "push" the knot along so that only a small tail is left.
004Now take the right end and do the same thing: tie a simple slip-knot around the left side and pull the knot tight.
005You'll end up with something like this. To shorten the necklace, pull the tails away from each other, at same time. To lengthen it, pull the sides away from each other, at same time.
007At its longest length, you'll have a "single strand" cord and the knots will be touching each other at the back of the necklace.
006At its shortest length (half the longest length), you'll have a "double strand" cord and the knots would be touching each other at the front of the necklace. (Well, the pendant will be in the middle of the knots, so not actually touching each other. ;)
Now, how cool is that?! A totally adjustable necklace that leaves no extra length hanging down the back when you wear it short because it doubles up on itself. And so easy to adjust you can change the length on a whim, while wearing it even. And if you're selling it, no worries about exactly how long to make the cord - one length really will suit all as the buyer can adjust it to any length they want.

And so simple to tie, even I can do it. :)


2 Good Claymates said...

We use this same method on some of our pendants and it does work great and is nice and simple. I find people who are allergic to any metal findings prefer this as well.

coltpixy said...

Perfect idea!

softailrider1 said...

Nice job on the photos and graphics in your illustrations . . .