Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My New "Craft Corner"

It's finally done and I am one happy camper!
(Or maybe that should be happy crafter instead?)
I now have a dedicated work space that is cheerful, inspiring, and organized.


We knew the shelf unit was longer than the table and would overhang it so we had to add a base to it. Looks a little off-kilter over reaching the table as it does but the bonus is I ended up with extra storage space that way.

The large right-side cubby-hole had doors which I initially thought would be nice for hiding large unsightly items, but I decided to leave them off instead so that the little 3-drawer organizer holding my hand tools fits in there.

The shadeless light used to be a nice bankers type lamp with a green glass shade. But I of course broke the shade. :( So it looks tacky but I like the extra light it gives off without a shade so am keeping it, tacky or not.

After countless coats of white paint inside the trays and drawers and STILL seeing the wood grain "bleed" through, I decided to heck with that and lined the bottoms with heavy-duty paper from the craft store.

Adds an extra touch of color when I open them and bonus, I can easily change the paper lining if/when the current stuff gets gooked up.
But I have lots of drawer space now.


The tall, narrow blue drawer slides out to reveal three more long shelves with semi-sides on them to keep things from falling out when I open it. I originally wanted to keep that space open, for magazines, but Other-Half made a magazine rack on the left end of the piece, so no need. Now I have a magazine rack and a nifty extra pull-out storage place. :)
In the main "inside" area, we added two wooden dowel rods for hanging strands of beads or works-in-progress or what not. Not sure yet, but they seemed like a good idea. ;)

The wall outlet had to be changed. It was only a two-hole outlet while most everything I want to plug in has three prongs. Sigh. Always a complication somewhere. So Other-Half replaced the outlet for me. Wonderful! Except, the outlet was already nearly blocked by the edge of the table. When we put the shelf in place with its back lip, the outlet became inaccessible. :(
Raising the outlet was out of the question so ever-thinking Other-Half cut the table legs down a few inches. :) Great! That made the outlet fully accessible, 'cept now the rolling cart I have my clay and beads stored in didn't fit under the table anymore. So I had to move the cart elsewhere which meant moving a chair that had occupied the space the cart is now in to the living room which meant re-arranging the living room some to make room for the chair. Whew!

But it all worked out and I am deliriously happy with my new "craft corner" and with my Other-Half who not only gave his time and talent to this project but also gave up half his kitchen so that I could have a nice work space. :)


2 Good Claymates said...

Love your colors! They are so alive and cheery! So long do you think it will stay looking so tidy? My studio looked so beautiful when I set it up and now I'm having a good day when I can find everything! lol!

Michele said...

Wow, Coleen! That's fantastic. Ric is a sweetheart to do all that for you, too. I'm really impressed with both of you.

MoeArt said...

Ric and you did a fab job! i Love it! Now you gotta make tons of cool stuff! :D

Knightwork Studio said...

I love everything about it... I get all giddy every time I look at it. All the wonderful storage and colorful details... and look at that magazine rack!! I'm green with envy... Yum!! BJ