Friday, October 16, 2009

Earth Bead Bracelet II

After the first necklace I decided I HAD to string up - and do the ends - on some of the loose beads I had made before moving on to anything else.
I had enough Earth Beads left to do another bracelet but thought another plain strand would be boring. So I decided I'd make the original single-strand bracelet into a double-strand bracelet. And I decided having the two strands lying together would be no fun, I'd have to make a separator somehow.
No idea how I was going to do that, but I was bound and determined.
This is what I ended up with:
Earth Bead Bracelet Doubled
The ends on the new strand were an improvement over the ends on first strand and I was pleased as punch with the separators. Can't explain how I got there, but the separators are on double lengths of jewelry wire so they are stiff enough to keep the strands separated and strong enough I think that they won't break.
Earth Bead Bracelet DoubledEarth Bead Bracelet Doubled
I've worn this a bunch already and so far so good, no breakage and it fits over my wrist bone just the way I like, a bonus I guess of learning to make your own jewelry. And I'm learning I thinks!


MoeArt said...

Good! You did good!

AlmondJoy said...

Thanks! I bought some 20 gauge wire yesterday at Hobby Lobby to practice loops, etc, on. The stuff I already had was either too flimsy or too stiff to practice with. Anyway, with the mag you sent me, the 20 wire, and the looming winter doldrums, I'm eager to practice 'til I can make fittings that'll pass for real. ;)

AlmondJoy said...

Phooey. Got my numbers mixed up and bought the wrong gauge wire.