Saturday, October 15, 2011

Time Off For Bad Behavior #4

News Brief
Don't think this one needs me to say anything about it.


ChasinRainbows2 said...

Hi, Col, just curious, are you having any problem with seeing Blogspot Blog photos on other people's blogs? This is the second day I haven't been able to see any photos on any of the blogspot blogs I read (other blogs are fine, it's just blogspot). Thanks for any info. Smiles
Sue C

AlmondJoy said...

Hi Sue. I'm not having any problems viewing photos but did notice today that something new is afoot.
On some pics (not all), if I click on them, instead of being taken to the full size .jpg as normal, the pic instead displays as sort of an overlay on the blog page, with an X to close it, like pics on Facebook do. Hope that description makes sense.

So I don't know what is going on yet, haven't had a chance to go check the Blogspot help forums, but it does seem they are in the midst of changing how full-size photos are viewed, or maybe just testing a new way.