Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Hearts

After the first batch of "Helping Hearts" I received a commission to make 10 hearts (no ribbons) that were going to be given as gifts. I had a lot of fun with this batch so got a bit carried away and ended up making 35!

You can see all 35 here: Hearts Gallery

I took all 35 to the woman who commissioned the 10 and let her pick her favorites. Then I put the periwinkle awareness ribbons on the remaining 25, and sold them, too. Proceeds to benefit me, LOL.

This batch was all hand-sanded and buffed to a high shine. Using a glaze is a real time saver for "mass producing" but I still prefer the natural shine from buffing.

1 comment:

MoeArt said...

Hearts just keep getting better and better! These are super!

I can't email so I'll have to say thank you here. Got the wire yesterday. :D And I *just* happen to have a new wire book! Yay! I haven't tried to condition the clay yet. But I will. :) Thanks a bunch! xoxo