Thursday, June 11, 2009

Silver Enamel Bowl

Isn't it fantastic? I found it in a thrift shop today. It had an original sticker on the bottom reading "Reed & Barton. World's Finest Silver Plated Ware. Made in the U.S.A." and a "Reed & Barton - #102" stamp. I bought it because it was deeply tarnished and I love polishing silver. There's something about rubbing that magic polish on and watching something old and dark turn new and shiny again that's quite satisfying. Pity there's no such thing as a people polish.

So I brought it home and polished it up and then decided to look up this "Reed & Barton". Turns out Reed & Barton is a rather respectable outfit that's been operating since 1824. But I wasn't able to find anything about their enamel-lined line of ware other than a few eBay listings.
Blue #1
Blue #2
Green #1
Red #1
Red #2
Red #3
(That green is gorgeous!)

So I don't know when this bowl was made or how many other items they made in this enamel line or how many colors they made, but I just love it. And I paid exactly $1.00 for it. :) Gott'a love thrift shops.
The orange & yellow vases, I found them at the thrift shop, too. The trio will make a nice addition of absolutely-useless-but-decorative knick-knacks for my kitchen, ey?
silver bowlbowl and vases


Michele said...

Wow, you got a fabulous buy on that piece and it looks like it's in perfect condition. I have about three cartons of silver pieces from Grandma's house that need to be polished. Wish you were here.

AlmondJoy said...

Yeah, it's in great condition and you can't even get a cup of coffee for a $1.
I'd polish the silver if I were there. When some friends moved into a new apartment, the brass cabinet knobs in the kitchen were all tarnished so they took them off to replace them. I said don't be silly, let me at 'em. They polished up nice!

2 Good Claymates said...

I noticed you love color like I do!

I want to pass an award on to you -- you can see it on our blog at:

Feel free to accept or not -- whatever you wish. It is my way of sharing your blog with others.

Carolyn Good

AlmondJoy said...

>> I noticed you love color like I do!

:) You should enjoy the pics I just added of my newly painted kitchen then. :)

>> I want to pass an award on to you...

Hey, that's really cool. Thanks! I will do my part to pass it on.

MoeArt said...

Can I have the bowl? And the vases? :D KIDDING! I is kidding! Really. Now I have to go to Carolyn's blog to see what fun thing you got!